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About Us
Lauren combines her experience, a passion for aesthetics, and practicality, to help people become and stay organized.  She focuses on creating customized solutions that account for your needs and lifestyle. It is her passion to make your living space aesthetically pleasing and practical; where your possessions have a home and you can find what you are looking for.  Think minimalistic; paring down to only what you need and love, and experience a more fulfilling home environment.

Lauren is an avid reader of organizing blogs and books.  She is a graduate of Goucher College, where she earned a BA in Art and a Masters Degree in Education.  Lauren and her husband, Ian, live in Arlington, VA with their son, Reuben, and dog, Shmoopy.

How Our Services Work

Step One – In-Home Assessment
Every successful organization project starts with a realistic plan.  We walk through your space, identify and discuss organizational "trouble zones", and offer verbal recommendations to help you visualize what we can accomplish.  Together, we will develop a custom solution for your organizational needs that account for your timeframe, budget, and achieve your goals.  The assessment allows for us to determine the amount of time and sessions realistically needed to accomplish your organizational goals.

Step Two – Sessions
In every session, you will work closely with an experienced professional organizer and/or team.  Sessions start at 3 hours, but may run longer depending on your comfort level and the project.  The two major steps to start any project are to sort and to purge, encouraging you to keep only things you use and love.  Part of these sessions also include evaluating how and why you keep the possessions you do, and adapting new organizational habits and skills to help maintain your newly organized spaces.

Step Three – Maintenance
Once you’ve accomplished your goals and are living in a more organized environment, you will want to maintain it.  Although we teach you the necessary skills to maintain your space, we understand life happens and sometimes you need a boost.  Our organizer(s) can come back on an occasional or regular basis to help put things back in order.


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