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     Lauren is the angel of death when it comes to clutter! She kicked our butts! We knew she was the right choice when she came in, took charge, made a plan, and didn't seem the slightest bit daunted by our piles of stuff.

     Lauren is great at what she does, and she approached our job with boundless energy and great ideas! After several years writing my PhD thesis and ignoring home projects, we suddenly had to put our home on the market. We had a week to de-clutter and stage, and Lauren leapt into action. She identified the most important tasks, assigned "homework" for our family, put together supplies and hit the ground running. She packed a world of toys, papers, books and superfluous kitchen items, and gave us the "tough love" to throw out and donate things we hadn't touched in years.

     Thank you so much for your hard work! We would be thrilled to recommend you to any family for any project, large or small. You took everything seriously, even taking time to work one on one with the girls to help them get rid of things they didn't need. Well done!

     Wow, what a difference Lauren made! We are now a Redfin "Hot Home" thanks to the wonderful staging and organizing. Our home has a 70% chance of selling in just two weeks! We had five requests to view on our first day on the market!

Rosemary and Andrew

Ada, Age 9: You're awesome! My room looks awesome! I've kept it looking that way too.

Lillian, Age 7: She let me keep my blankets, my bats, and my dress-up wings. My closet looked so good that the realtor took a picture of it!

      My work with Lauren was much more life changing than I knew it could be when we started.  Lauren is a real pro who was able to combine the rather different skills required for decluttering, organizing, and artistically re-arranging what remains.  I'd read many of the popular books on decluttering but was never motivated to move forward in any meaningful way.  I understood the "why" but that did not get me moving.  I found the magnitude of the task very daunting.  I'd been moved around the world for work and upon my return each time had a little more clutter, a few more treasures, and a little less time to deal with settling in.  I have a condo in another town where I was able to achieve the "empty look" by starting with the bare walls, but somehow could never make it happen in the place where I needed to spend most of my time.  

      Lauren frequently asked me about my goals. I had several spaces that seemed to have no clear purpose. They housed furniture and exercise equipment.  Lauren immediately could see the potential for more space, impact, and functionality that would be available once the extra items were removed and the remainder fully reorganized.  Because of this, I now have a highly functional kitchen (with coffee and wine areas!!) which has encouraged me to cook more. I also have a music room. I was able to accomplish the reorganization with just a few very inexpensive purchases because Lauren effectively re-purposed so many items. My treasures from foreign travel became more visible and the place acquired a spacious, spare, but eclectic look. In time, I also could see multiple functions for old items.  

      Lauren started with the kitchen which I already considered "okay".  Once I saw what a difference a single session could make in going from adequate to optimal, I was hooked.  Hiring an organizer is an investment of time and money.  However, the tax receipts for my donations and the ability to do my own cleaning with ease rather than hiring a service as before-- so simple now with clear spaces and the vacuum Lauren recommended--made a positive difference.  I no longer purchase duplicates or waste food because I am unaware of what I have.  I expect to recover much of what I spent in organizer fees over the next year.  Moreover, I have already experienced a gratifying improvement in time management.  As often happens, once the physical clutter was gone, the schedule clutter soon followed.  I have invested in myself.

      I was particularly impressed with our last session during which we slowly walked through each room and made the finishing touches.  My apartment is now spacious and tranquil and supports my goals of writing, playing music, doing yoga, and cooking.  I find it very easy to keep things in their new places because they are now located in a way that make sense.   Nothing is crowded.   I am very mindful of what I bring in to the space now.   I never expected to have closets that are photo ready!  Yes, they look that good.  My memorabilia is packed for storage and ready for my next move in 18 months when I will permanently leave the Washington area.  I have nothing left to "get around to".  I will not spend the snow days this winter wishing I had the energy to clean out my closets and declutter.  I am free to pursue my goals and interests. 

Thanks Lauren!!!

Sally F.


      As the mother of an almost 2 year old, I have very little time for organization and making sure that everything has a special place; especially when it comes to my bedroom closet. I normally fold my clean clothes and throw them someplace where I can see them and close the door, hoping that no one else's eyes will have to see what is behind the "door of doom".

      However, after having Lauren organize my closet, I wanted the whole world to see what was behind the door. Lauren has so much patience and a real knowledge of how to organize anything to make it easiest for the owner. Lauren was able to go through garbage bags filled with clothes, piles of clothes that were stuffed in the corners of my closet, and drawers that hadn't even been opened in months and managed to organize EVERYTHING in a systematic way so that my closet was not only organized and easy to use, but also GORGEOUS to look at! There are not many people that I know who will take the time to organize clothes by color and by hanger, but Lauren does it!

      I highly recommend Lauren for any of your organizational needs. She is punctual, hard-working, and has a real talent. Not only that, but Lauren really gets enjoyment out of what she does, and it shows!!

Samantha H.


      Lauren has been a friend of mine for many years, and when my wife got pregnant it was time to do a big changeover with my house. I had three problem rooms that needed to be cleaned, organized, and then stored for maximum efficiency.

      Lauren offered her services, and what a deal! Lauren not only was diligent about everything, she also made everything easier to see and more accessible. This makes storage and keeping everything clean much easier. Lauren worked on our house while Val and I were away. She organized and took care of everything in a timely manner, so that when my wife and I had gotten home, another part of a room was completely done and organized. She left little notes on things. This helped Val and I stay on the same page for what was being kept and what was not. Lauren then categorized what was left and put it in to storage.

      This experience could not have been any better. Lauren did an amazing job. She did it very reasonably and in a short amount of time. My wife and I could not recommend Lauren highly enough. She makes miracles happen in problem areas!

Dan and Val B.


      Lauren changed the way I think about my home and its organization. I worked with her on a number of rooms in my home. Each of those spaces presented different organizing challenges. Lauren had the vision and focus to help me make each space far more functional and accessible.

      She had great ideas for each individual space that I would never have imagined. Lauren’s enthusiasm for what she does kept me going when I tired. I have continued to work on the organized spaces in my home since Lauren was here... Lauren inspired me.

Netti S.


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